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Harikrushna Container Mfg.

Modular and Portable Container Manufacturing

Core Offerings: HCM Solutions specializes in the design, fabrication, and distribution of high-quality portable containers tailored for various industries and applications. Our containers are built to withstand rigorous conditions while providing convenient and versatile Leaving and Storage solutions.

Mission: Our mission is to revolutionize portable Leaving and Storage by delivering innovative, durable, and cost-effective container solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.



  • Own constructional department (drawings in CAD form, 3D models in exchangeable.stp format, strength analysis FEM, static calculations)
  • Advantageous price, quality and delivery time ratio
  • Time and date reliability (we guarantee compliance with agreed delivery time and date), time flexibility (possibility to change date and time during the realization)
  • Trouble free process of order realization from the receipt of the order until the delivery (sending the photo documentation and, in some cases, video sequences of the production process in agreed time intervals)
  • Flexible reaction to the changes required by the customer in the stage of the preparation of drawing documentation, as well as in the stage of production
  • The basic frame and the covering welded by welding’s (massive long-service-life industrial design)
  • Dimensional flexibility(As per your requirement size and design)
  • Welding process under the complex supervision of Our Engineering Team.
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